to the Dumfries & Galloway Carers Centre
We provide information, advice and support to anyone who cares for a relative or friend. We also aim to raise awareness of the needs of Carers and the contribution they make to care in the community.

Dumfries & Galloway Carers Centre

Who We Are

The Centre employs staff in the following posts:
Position Staff Member Office
Manager Claudine Brindle Dumfries 01387 248600 claudine.brindle@dgalcarers.org

Assistant Manager Lesley Jeffrey Dumfries 01387 248600 lesley.jeffrey@dgalcarers.org

Young Carers Manager Sara Jackson Dumfries 01387 248600 sara.jackson@dgalcarers.org

Health & Wellbeing Worker Gillian Corbett Dumfries 01387 248600 gillian.corbett@dgalcarers.org

Dumfries & Upper Nithsdale Carers Support Worker Nicola Meechan Dumfries 01387 248600 nicola.meechan@dgalcarers.org

Annandale & Eskdale Carers Support Worker Lindsay Sim Dumfries 01387 248600 lindsay.sim@dgalcarers.org

Stewartry Carers Support Worker Karen Lewis Castle Douglas 07902 002963 karen.lewis@dgalcarers.org

Wigtownshire Carers Support Worker Fiona Barr Newton Stewart 01671 401152 fiona.barr@dgalcarers.org

Young Carers Support Worker, Stewartry, Upper Nithsdale & Dumfries Joy McClure Dumfries 01387 248600 joy.mcclure@dgalcarers.org

Young Carers Support Worker, Annandale & Eskdale Elaine Fitzpatrick Dumfries 01387 248600 elaine.fitzpatrick@dgalcarers.org

Young Carers Support Worker, Wigtownshire Kenneth McKeand Newton Stewart 01671 401152 kenneth.mckeand@dgalcarers.org

Young Carers Support Worker, Wigtownshire Kirsty Paton Newton Stewart 01671 401152 kirsty.paton@dgalcarers.org

Young Carers Support Worker, Dumfries, Moffat Heather Marchbank Dumfries 01387 248600 heather.marchbank@dgalcarers.org

Dumfries Carers Support Worker Rosalind Finnie Dumfries 01387 248600 rosalind.finnie@dgalcarers.org

Health & Wellbeing Worker Kirsteen Currie Dumfries 01387 248600 kirsteen.currie@dgalcarers.org

Administration & Reception Assistant Leigh Graham Dumfries 01387 248600 leigh.graham@dgalcarers.org

Hospital Carers Support Coordinator Lindsay Sim & Jennifer Cranmer D & G Royal Infirmary 01387 241384 dgcarers@nhs.net

Young Adult Carers Support Worker Rosemary Scott Dumfries 01387 248600 rosemary.scott@dgalcarers.org

Dumfries Carers Support Worker Jennifer Cranmer Dumfries 01387 248600 jennifer.cranmer@dgalcarers.org

Health & Wellbeing Worker Kirsteen Currie Dumfries 01387 248600 kirsteen.currie@dgalcarers.org